Monday, October 27, 2008

Anaheim vs Columbus

Anaheim vs Columbus

The Ducks now have a .500 average after winning at Columbus tonight, thanks to some great efforts by Corey Perry, Teemu Selanne and a slew of fantastic saves by Jiggy.

Ryan Getzlaf also scored a goal tonight, his third this season. Its about time that he's gotten out of his funk. As one of the top goal scorers last season, he hadn't been able to put the puck in the net until last Friday's game against Ottowa. With three goals in as many games, everyone's hoping he's showing promise of the talent he's been the past few seasons.

Starting out with a quick goal by Getzlaf, the energy on the Duck's lines were noticeable, until the Blue Jackets scored two goals in a row, the second one while shorthanded. The defense slipped up while on a power play, and the Blue Jackets took advantage of it. Corey Perry managed to tie the score till the last four minutes in the game when Teemu shot the puck in from Francois Beauchemin's rebound on the left side.

Jiggy then had a miracle save late in the third, catching the puck out of midair on the opposite side of the net with his left pad. Incredible to watch, really.

On a totally unrelated note, I spent over $70 at Barnes and Noble. In giftcards, of course. I came home with 7 new books, and settled down with a cup of tomato soup to enjoy. I love my new books, but my mouth is now scorched due to distraction.Who needs a layer of skin inside their mouth, anyway?

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