Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anaheim vs Detroit

Anaheim vs Detroit


Throw as many molluscs on the ice as you want, Detroit. None of them saved you from a loss tonight.

Despite 9 penalties, 2 of them resulting in goals for Detroit, the Ducks were victorious over the Redwings, winning in overtime with a score of 5-4.

The ice maintenance crew had their work cut out for them, with octopus and hats raining down on the ice all night.

Yes, there was a hat trick.

The victory is largely attributed to Teemu Selanne, who had the the first hat trick of the season. He scored the first three goals for the Ducks tonight, which turned out to be paramount for the Ducks to win. Another major contributer tonight was Ryan Getzlaf, who chalked up 5 assists for all 5 goals. Jiggy, the third "Star of the Game" saved 34 of 38 shots tonight against the Redwings.

The first period ended with a tie after a goal for the Ducks was retracted for goalie interference. Chris Pronger shot one in just as Selanne crashed into the goalie, a questionable call, but thank goodness the Ducks didnt need it. The second period ended with a score of 3-2 in favor of the Redwings. The Ducks scored twice in the third period, the third of Selanne's hat trick and a goal by Brian Sutherby, and kept the lead till the last 1:30 of the game when the Redwings tied it. They were put out of suspense in the last two minutes of overtime when Francois Beauchemin knocked the puck in over the Redwing's sprawled goalie.

Previous to tonight, the Redwings boasted a 7-1 record, while the Ducks had 5-5.

The Ducks next compete against the Vancouver Canucks on Halloween. Yours Truely will be in attendance, dressed as (what else) a crazed Ducks fan. Here's hoping you all have a safe and fun Halloween.

Last but not least....LETS GO DUCKS!

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