Friday, October 31, 2008

Anaheim vs Vancouver

Anaheim vs Vancouver

Friday night's game against the Canucks was one of the wildest games in Duck's history.

Despite 12 goals total in regulation, the Canucks needed 11 separate shooters in the shootout to secure the final goal to win over the Ducks.

The record in franchise history is 15 shooters, but Friday's game wasnt far off.

Despite a slow start, the Ducks scored the first two goals of the game in the first period, and one of them was the first goal by Scott Niedermayer. The second was scored by the other Duck's superstar, Teemu Selanne. Vancouver was quick to reply, scoring a goal just 19 seconds after Selanne's. Both of the Duck's goals were scored with a man advantage after a Vancouver penalty.

The second period was perhaps the craziest one the Duck's have seen in years. And how fitting it should be on Halloween.

After a shot by Teemu that touches the goal line but doesnt cross it, the Canucks put the pressure on the Ducks and score four goals in rapid succession, two with even bodies, one shorthanded, and one with a man advantage. Giguere was pulled from the net, after the Canucks managed to score 4 goals out of only 13 shots and put in Jonas Hiller instead. The Ducks were given a golden opportunity as a Canuck player gets a double minor for high sticking that put George Parros out of that game and for the next week, but the Ducks couldnt seem to find the net.

The momentum was lost, but the opportunity was not. Just as fans believed they'd rather leave and get some trick or treating in, they got the real treat out on the ice.

The Ducks rallied for a quick three-goal comeback to tie it at the end of the second period, all scored within 1:40 of eachother, close to the franchise record. Seven goals in one period alone, and the game is only tied at the start of the third.

The Canucks scored midway through the third, and hearbreak seemed inevitable for Duck's fans when Corey Perry found the net in the last 57 seconds of the game to tie it. Overtime ends with no goals, and the Ducks go to a shootout for a hopeful win.

After 22 combined shots with no luck, the Canucks finally score and put both sides out of their misery. Hiller was fantastic throughout, with some miracle saves that would have ended it much sooner.

If you have to lose, the Ducks showed you the right way to do it.

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