Sunday, February 21, 2010

USA-Canada: Game Log

Pregame: Commentators remarking on how young and inexperienced Team USA is compared to Canada. They said the same thing about the 1980 US Olympic Team vs the Soviet Union.

4:45pm- Puck drops and we begin.

1st Period

19:46- quick shot by Team USA but Canada goalie Martin Brodeur covers it.

19:19- A shot from the blue line by Brian Rafalski is accidentally redirected by Sidney Crosby and Team USA scores! 1-0 to the red white and blue.

18:17- Goalie interference call on Ryan Getzlaf gives Team USA a powerplay.

14:17- Canada kills it.

11:07- Eric Staal gets the puck on the blue line and fires it past Miller for Canada's first goal. Tied at 1-1.

10:45- Rafalski gets his second of the game to put USA back on top. 2-1 USA

13:53- penalty to Joe Pavelski on Team USA for hi-sticking.

12:34- couple shots but nothing's going in for Canada.

11:53- PK for Team USA

7:33- Shots coming from all over, but Team USA's defense staying strong. Miller's had more than a few sweet stops.

6:05- Majority of shots coming from blue line. Marleau takes a shot as he skates through the neutral zone that hits Team USA's goalie Ryan Miller in the chest.

4:32- Miller looking absolutely fantastic this period. Almost as good as Jonas Hiller. :)

3:34- USA's consistent at clearing the zone, but the puck is rarely being played past Canada's blue line. It's about time Team USA went on the offensive.

2:10- Shots favoring Canada at 17 to just 6 from Team USA.

0:0- End of first, and while Team USA is winning with 2 goals to Canada's 1, they're being outshot 18-6. Hopefully USA gains some control on the game and gets more shots off in the 2nd stanza.

2nd Period

20:00- Here we go in the 2nd, Team USA wins the face-off.

19:38- Team USA fires off a shot that's quickly acquired by Brodeur, but players stop for a friendly chit-chat in front of the goal. Zebras break up the scrum.

16:28- Canada's Jonathan Toews gets the puck in front of the crease and passes it in front of Miller to a waiting Dany Heatley who fires it in to tie the game. 2-2.

15:34- Chants of "Miller" fill the Hockey Place stadium.

14:17- Patrick Kane carries the puck through the neutral zone, weaving through Canada's defensemen and fires wide on Brodeur.

13:56- Fans are tossing a beach ball in the crowd that is coming dangerously close to the ice. Never seen that at a hockey game before...

11:09- Team USA still having trouble keeping the puck out of their zone. Bobby Ryan finally breaks through and passes it to Kane who puts a shot on Brodeur.

9:35- Puck stops after Marleau doesnt clear the crease fast enough, blocking Miller's ability to play. USA wins the face-off.

8:20- Hi-stick violation stops the play just as Canada clears their zone after USA gets a brief chance to get some shots on Brodeur.

7:59- USA wins the face-off in front of Canada's goal crease, and gets three quick shots on Brodeur. Close, but no cigar, with some fantastic goalkeeping by Brodeur.

3:58 Eric Staal and Corey Perry collide and Chris Pronger dog-piles on them as all three are looking for the puck. Play stops as all three struggle to clear their heads.

3:14 Brodeur is caught way out of position as he scrambles to cover the loose puck in front of the net. He moves too far out of the crease and Team USA's Chris Drury puts the puck in the net behind him. 3-2 for Team USA!

1:38- Three separate breakaways leave players and fans out of breath as USA gets a breakaway that leads to a Canada opportunity that is in turn denied and sent back for a USA breakaway that is finally covered.

0:53- A hit by Eric Staal earns him a penalty and Team USA is given a powerplay opportunity.

0:0- 39-19 shots favoring Canada still. Players shove each other after the buzzer. USA will have a man advantage at the start of the 3rd. USA's still winning 3-2.

3rd Period

20:00- 3rd period starts with a USA powerplay.

18:53- Canada kills the man advantage, but USA keeps firing away at the goal.

18:16 Sidney Crosby swings his stick at a USA player's head and USA goes on another powerplay!

16:16- Canada kills yet another powerplay.

13:55- Delayed penalty to Canada gives Team USA their third powerplay in just 7 minutes. Corey Perry earned the slashing call.

12:51- HAT TRICK TO RAFALSKI! Team USA goes ahead by 2 as Brian Rafalski shoots a one-timer from the blue line to earn a powerplay goal and his third for tonight. 4-2 to Team USA.

10:00- Canada gears up for a rush as we're halfway done with the last period, score of 4-2 to Team USA.

9:11- Powerplay goes to Canada as Patrick Kane gets his stick stuck between the legs of a Canada player. Team USA hoping to hold them off. This could be the play of the game, if Canada gets some momentum back. Lot of pressure resting on Miller right now.

8:16- Puck is tossed out of play as Team USA struggles to clear it.

8:06- I was expecting a good game but this has gotten really intense. Totally sitting on the edge of my seat right now.

7:10- Powerplay is killed! Crosby dives for an open puck in front of the goal, but Miller covers it. Play stops as Miller and Crosby untangle themselves from one another in front of the goal.

5:12- Offsides call brings the puck back to Team USA's zone, and seconds after the face-off, a tripping call on Erik Johnson gives Canada a powerplay opportunity. Good luck, Miller.

4:08- Careful passing by Canada finally opens up a shot opportunity but Miller jumps on it.

4:04- Puck cleared.

3:47- Three rapid shots has Miller sprawled in front of the net as he struggles to block rebound after rebound. Although he looks like he's standing on his head at one point, he's successful at stopping the puck. Just incredible.

3:09- Rick Nash redirects a pass directly to Sidney Crosby who's camped out in front of the goal. He shoves the puck in for a powerplay goal to put themselves within one goal of Team USA.

2:34- Timeout. I can't sit still.

1:30- Shot after shot after shot on Miller and he's blocked them all.

1:10- Puck is cleared and Canada regains control as Brodeur heads to the bench for an extra attacker for Canada.

0:44- Ryan Kesler dives for the puck with one hand on his stick and sends the puck into the empy net! 5-3 for Team USA!

0:16- Dogpile in front of the net and sticks are just jabbing at the puck. Marleau and Jack Johnson shove each other but no one throws down.

0:0- Team USA wins. :)