Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ducks Watch Day 1, Part 2

Canada faced off Norway earlier today, and with 3 of the Duck's top scorers on the roster, it's no surprise they came out on top.

8 goals on top.

Ducks players Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry both contributed a goal to Team Canada's 8-0 shutout against Norway. Scott Niedermeyer came out of the game with an assist.

Of course, Team Canada's roster is thick with talent, comprised of the some of the top NHL players in the league. The showstopper came in the form of a hat trick to Jarome Iginla, from Calgary. But he wasn't alone in racking up the points. Sharks player Dany Heatley scored 2 goals to put Canada ahead, and Penguin's star Sidney Crosby had three assists to put Team Canada ahead. Goals from both Rick Nash from the Washington Capitals and Mike Richards from the Philidelphia Flyers gave Team Canada the outrageous 8 goals.

Team Canada laid 42 shots on two of Norway's goalies, while Canada's netminder Roberto Luongo from Vancouver earned a shutout.

Update: Hey all! Dingbat here. While I was rushing to get my last post in about the Canada game, I overlooked Iginla's hat trick, and only credited him with two goals.

I beg your forgiveness. Surely it's not that hard to read a stats sheet and see Iginla's name next to three separate goals, but here's proof that maybe I am not infallible. I also must ask for your patience, as it will be near impossible for me to update this blog immediately after each game. While I wish I had nothing better to do than this blog, I do have to answer to the demands of my responsibilities that take priority over this hobby. I thank you for your continued support.

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