Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Hate Sean Avery

Anaheim vs Dallas

Tradition isnt always a good thing. The Stars have a tradition of trumping the Ducks, and that is definitely one tradition that has to change.

Unfortunately, it wasnt changed Friday, as the Stars beat the Ducks, 5-2, at the Honda Center, largely thanks to a hat trick by the Star's Mark Parrish. Parrish was a recent acquisition for the Stars, signed for only 500,000 after being a free agent.

Sean Avery is also a new addition to the Stars roster ( and he sucks massive dick. Dont believe me? Go wikipedia "the sean avery rule", and tell me he isnt gay).

It seemed to be a role switch for the Ducks and Stars, the Ducks struggled through the game looking much like they had in the beginning of the season, while the Stars showed vivacity not unlike the Ducks have been showing of late. The Stars came into the game with a 4-6-2 record, but left with a 5-6-2, after a dissapointing effort by the Ducks.

Midway through the first period, the Stars were able to squeeze two past Giguere within minutes of eachother, the second on a power play after a penalty on Travis Moen. Brendan Morrison finally scored his first goal of the season late in the first by haphazardly jabbing at the puck till it slid past the goal line, putting the Ducks behind by only one at the end of the 1st period.

Shortly after the first Ducks goal, Chris Kunitz ( <3 !) throws Sean Avery into the boards, and Avery has to take his time getting back up. Avery's head seemed to make contact with the boards in a rather hard fashion but perhaps it was deserved. Kunitz is sent to the penalty box with a boarding and a roughing penalty.

The second period, traditionally a rough one for the Ducks, continues to plague them as the Stars pull ahead by three goals after Mark Parrish scores the final two of his three goals early in the second period. Parrish sought the opportunity for his hat trick when Scott Niedermayer inexplicably trips and falls to the ice in his own zone while controlling the puck. Parrish swooped in and shot on Giguere with no one defending him. The coaching staff pull Giguere from the net and put in Hiller in hopes of having a turnaround game, and while Hiller only let one more goal in, the Duck's offense was unable to generate enough to overcome the initial deficit.

Midway through the third period, the Stars score their final goal on a power play opportunity after a penalty on Chris Kunitz for the hit on Avery. Scott Niedermayer scored the last goal for Anaheim, for the final score of 5-2. A dissapointing loss, and hopefully not a continuation of old customs, but just a last salute to "tradition" before breaking old habits.

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