Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anaheim vs Los Angeles

Anaheim vs Los Angeles

Less than 15 minutes after the California polls closed for Tuesday's presidential election, it was announced that Barack Obama would be the 44th President of these United States.

If only the Ducks could have been as decidedly victorious over the Kings.

A scoreless regulation game forced the Ducks to face their Los Angeles rivals for forty seconds of overtime before Chris Pronger was able to score, ending the tedious game at the Staples Center.

Undoubtedly, JS Giguere had one of his best games this season so far, stopping all 35 shots for his 31st career shootout. The Kings were granted many opportunities to score, thanks to a rather lackluster defense, but Jiggy stopped every shot to keep the Duck's heads above water long enough for Pronger's goal in overtime.

Also contributing to a poor showing by the Ducks were the numerous penalties that they earned throughout the game, 7 in all, including a four minute penalty for roughing by Rob Niedermayer.

The offensive effort on both sides was also visibly lacking, and a rivalry that normally sparks enthusiasm was noticeably mundane. The Kings outshot the Ducks, 27-35, partially due to the fact that most of the game was spent in the Duck's zone. Anaheim seemed content to ride it out on the efforts of Jiggy, who didnt dissapoint this time. A poor effort and a sloppy win, but the Ducks still earn two points in the standings for their victory either way.

After all, it would be humiliating to lose to the Kings AGAIN.

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