Thursday, January 1, 2009

Should Auld Acquantaince Be Forgot...

Or not. It would seem no one's forgotten their old rivalries in the annual Winter Classic this year in Chicago, as the Blackhawks take on the hated Detroit Redwings. The game is still ongoing, but the Chicago Blackhawks are leading the Detroit Redwings 3-2 early in the second period. The 8th ranked Blackhawks cant credit their lead from being on home ice, as this year's classic is taking place in an outdoor rink at the home of the Chicago Cub's Wrigley Field.

The rink was created over a span of many days, with several delays due to bad weather. The bitter weather continued to the start of the game, but that hasn't deterred thousands of fans from filling the stadium to watch this unique matchup.

The game has been surprisingly physical, with several cringe-worthy cross checks into the boards, and quite a few incidents of fisticuffs. Scoring for both teams has been credited to quick action on the rebounds, allowing little time for the netminders to recover. The game is still ongoing, and hockey fans expect even more intense play before the end of regulation.

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