Monday, December 1, 2008

Anaheim vs Detroit

Anaheim vs Detroit

The Ducks succumbed to a constant offensive effort to the Redwings in their second consecutive road game.

The Redwings had 47 shot attempts while the Ducks only had 16. It was this continuous offense that eventually resulted in pulling Giguere from the net in the third period.

The Ducks held the Redwings scoreless till the end of the second period after Chris Kunitz scored the first goal just two minutes into the game. JS Giguere stopped 32 shots before letting one in and was pulled from the net shortly thereafter for cramping. Hiller saved all but one of the 10 shots the Redwings put on his net, but one was all it took for the Redwings to break the tie before the end of regulation.

The Ducks had twice as many penalties as the Redwings, but four penalties for the Ducks is still considered low. They successfully defended all of the penalties, bringing their record of penalty kills to 22.

The Ducks next play against Chicago, bringing an end to their roadtrip. They beat the Blackhawks previously in this series, in a sluggish post-Thanksgiving matchup. This game is expected to have a lot more energy, and hopefully a lot more goals for the Ducks.

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